When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw : DONT LEAVE NOW Please!!!

This post is about the current guidelines advised by the NSW government department regarding Covid-19 positive patients. If you live in NSW (New South Wales), then this post will help you to get to know “When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw”. Here we will try to answer your queries (If you are living in NSW as the few details mentioned here regarding the contact details, may only be available for residents of NSW and may not work from somewhere other geographical location ) regarding how many days one should spend in Isolation and what are the current rules regarding the same. So let begin …

When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw

Here we would like to emphasize that currently there is no such rule (or rules) laid by NSW Government which is mandatory and a requirement for you to stay at home if you are tested positive for Covid 19. (However there are exceptions to high risk facilities such as health, disability and aged care, which we will explain in the later part of our post).

So in short answer to your question –“When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw”, the answer would be there is no law which is stopping you from coming out of your Isolation, however as a responsible citizen and resident of NSW, you should follow certain guideline on your own, which will  keep you and your follow residents in a safe position.

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How Long you Should Stay in Isolation

One should be in isolation from 7 to 10 days , till the time the mild symptoms will be there.

There are certain home care treatment prescribed by the State health agency that one can easily get over the counter. These include medicine for sore throat, fever, body pain, multi vitamins and vitamin C.

You are advised to stay (Not mandatorily) in isolation till the time you treat yourself and you become asymptomatic and hence will not cause any trouble to your follow citizens and residents. –This is probably the best answer to your question “When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw”,

When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw

What are the Symptoms of Covid 19

Covid 19 can have any or combination of any of the following symptoms-

Sore Throat


Body pain

Upset Stomach


Smell Loss

Taste Loss



Discoloration of Some body parts

Itching in eyes, mostly resulted in Red Eyes

Loss of Sane (Senses)

Chest Pain

And there are few others also which are not so common, you can get advice from the concerned in case if you find something unusually condition with regards to your health. Before you search for answer to your question When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw, it’s better to get yourself checked first if you have positive Covid or not, because there are instance where people have confused the symptoms of Viral fever with Covid. In the next section we are going to give a brief idea about the test for Covid 19.

What Type of Test One can take to check Covid 19

It’s better to be tested than to keep things for guessing. Take the Covid 19 standard test as subscribed by WHO and Hence the department of Public Health NSW. There are primarily two types of tests

Rapid Test

TRPCR or Simple PCR Test

You can opt for any these two tests. Rapid test one can do at home also. As per guidance issued by NSW Health department, if one is tested positive by rapid test, then he or she should inform and register their test result with Service NSW. This will insure the department about the whereabouts of a Covid patient and help can be made available in case of emergency.

How to Isolate Yourself

Isolation is still the important aspect, and closely link with your query of When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw.

Isolate yourself in the place where u lives. Do inform about isolation to your friends and family if you live alone and have to isolate yourself alone. In case you stay with your family than isolate yourself in a separate room, if possible use a different toilet. Use different utensils and glass to drink water.

There are standard procedures that Heath Department of NSW has issued time to time. You can follow those guidelines to isolate yourself so that other may not suffer because of you being Covid positive.

How your close contacts should be treated

This is also a very important aspect as the people friends and family and coworkers may get affected as they were in your close contacts. Before you reach on the conclusion of When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw, its better to have a close watch on these close contacts.

Emergency Number in case of Need

These are the list of the number that one should have handy in case of Covid 19 Emergency. We tried to prepare one for you, but are advised to add few more as per your need and preferences.

1800 020 080            :    National Covid Helpline

000                            :    Urgent Help in case of emergency

1800 943 553            :    NSW Health COVID-19 Support Line

1800 55 1800            :   Kids Helpline

Hope by preparing this list or keeping this with you in case of emergency, you will this list handy.

How to handle the Work for Covid 19 Patients

We are sure that you want to move out of isolation because of the work is getting affected that why you have asked the question When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw.

Well there is no specific answer to this question. All depends on the work nature and your health. If your work and health permit work from home, you can ask your employer about it and we are sure everyone will grant it as no one wants their rest of the manpower to be suffered from it. Also don’t exhaust yourself with extra work as Covid may take a toll on your health and hence extra work will only deteriorate it.

Exception to Above RULES

If one is associated health, disability and aged care, then there are rules laid by the State Health department those allow workers to stay away from the workplace for 7 days and to return only after he or she doesn’t have any symptoms. This will help in protecting the other venerable patients and workers working at the workplace. This is to help protect other staff, patients, residents and clients.

So the answer to your question of When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw will have a different answer if your work is with the above mentioned venerable category.

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In this FAQ section lets discuss few of the questions that our readers has asked us regarding the leaving period for isolation-

When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw ? When Can You Leave Isolation Nsw Health?

As Describe above, there is no rule or mandatory conditions laid by the concern department over the time of isolation period.

When Can I Leave Isolation After Testing Positive Nsw?

The answer to the question would be same a above.

When Can Household Contacts Leave Isolation Nsw?

Household contacts should monitor there conditions for 7 days and try to take decisions only after that.

When Can Double Vaccinated Stop Isolating Nsw?

There are chances that Double Vaccinated will have very less or asymptomatic version of Covid. Though the rules don’t force them to isolate, however they should be in isolation for at least 7 days till they have any symptoms.

When Can I Leave Isolation? When Can I Leave Isolation Covid?

The answer is describe in details in our post, please go through this post .

You can visit NSW Government website here

Conclusion on When Can I Leave Isolation Nsw

To summarize the above question, yes there are no rules or mandatory conditions laid by the state health department of NSW, however one should act responsible and still follow the standard practice of isolation. This is for the safety of other citizens.

However there are exceptions to those who are associated with health, disability and aged care department.  The Rules allow workers to stay away from the workplace for 7 days and to return only after she or he is free from any symptoms.

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