Battleground India : Bgmi 2.3 Update Download Apk NOW !!!

BGMI or Battleground India is the Indian version of the World Famous mobile game PUBG. The Bgmi is a game specifically designed for Indian players, keeping in mind the sovereignty and security concerns of the Indian government.  Here in this post let’s find out from where one can download and the steps on how to install it on your device.

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Bgmi 2.3 Update Download Apk

Battleground India is planning to lunch the updated version of its gaming franchise PUBG for India and named it BGMI. Here in this post, you will be guided to the download location via a DOWNLOAD LINK and also about the timelines from when you can download Battleground India.


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Bgmi 2.3 Update: Is it Safe to Download?

However, before downloading the latest updated APK of BGMI 2.3 through the LINK given at the end of this post, being a responsible citizen you must ask if is it safe to download it. For that lets deep dive a bit into the history of  BGMI or PUBG game and then decide for yourself if you still want to have an updated version of Bgmi on your device, because we can only suggest you the link, it is you who has to decide whether to go for it or not.

As per the reason stated and implied by GOI (Government of India), Battleground India was banned as it is this game data is shared on Chinese servers, and as per the government of India, this may lead to some advantages in the times to come.

So you have to take the decision as per your own thoughts either you want to play this game and hence for this you want to check to search and go ahead with Bgmi Updated version Apk.

History of PUBG

BGMI or Battle Ground Mobile India is the Indian version of world famous PUBG game. If you want to have Bgmi on your mobile, then you should know the brief history of PUBG also.

PUBG was developed and published by PUBG Mobile, the franchise of Krafton, the South Korean gaming development company.

By May 2022, PUBG has become one of all time grossing games and earned $ 13B. After Jan 2022 it has become free to play game.

On 2nd September 2020 citing security reasons, the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile.

One thing that we like to tell you is that PUBG stands for Player Unknown Battle Ground.

Bgmi 2.3 Update Download Apk

History of BGMI

Now as are getting close to Bgmi 2.3 Update Download Apk, let’s have a quick look at the history of the BGMI or Battle Ground Mobile India.

In the wake of the ban on PUBG, KRAFTON the parent company of PUBG has announced to development of a separate game for the Indian public only. They named it BGMI or Battle Ground Mobile India on 2nd July 2021. Initially, this game was launched for Android devices only. One and half months later on 18th Aug 2021, BGMI was launched for Ipnone and other Ios devices also.

There was one major incident that raised the eyebrows of Indian authorities.  Players from BGMI can recall the profile of PUBG. This was enough for authorities to put a hold on BGMI. On 22nd July 2022, approximately after one year from the launch date, after an order from the Government of India, battlegrounds mobile India 2.3 was removed from both Play Store and IOS Store.

This didn’t affect the players who still have BGMI on their mobile. But no new player can download it from any place Play Store or IOS Store.

When updated version of the game will be available?

As per the sources and rumours running around Battle Ground Mobile India is planning to get a clearance from the Ministry of Information and Technology in the month of December 2022. And by the same time, an updated Bgmi 2.3 Update Release will be available across the Android Google Play Store and apple app store. As of now, 2.3 Update Release Date is not available.

Link for Bgmi 2.3 Update version Apk

We are sharing the following for Downloading The Bgmi 2.3 Update Download link, which you can check from time to time, and will get the latest Bgmi 2.3 Update Apk version as soon as it is available. So don’t forget to bookmark our website and make sure of checking the website mentioned in the Download link to get the latest and safest version of Battle Ground Mobile India.


If any third-party link will be available the same will be added here as the download option as soon as it will be available.

FAQ on Bgmi 2.3 Update

Like we always do, in this section we are going to answer the questions that our users have asked us directly via various forms of communication namely mail, telephonic, or face-to-face conversions, pertaining to Bgmi 2.3 Update Download Apk

Can I Update my existing BGMI game? Will it continue to work?

Battle Ground Mobile India hasn’t come up with a clarification over the same. Users are worried should they modify their game or not, and if there are any chances for the game to be banned as soon as it will be updated. Bu t we are hoping that by the time the latest version will be released, the same thing will be cleared from Battle Ground Mobile India. So Stay tuned for the latest updates for BGMI download. If you wish to play the older version, than Bgmi 2.2 apk can be downloaded from the download link provided on our website.

Bgmi 2.2 Update official website. is the official site of Battle Ground Mobile India. Bgmi 2.2 Update download apk obb from the download link provided on our website. Different Version Of Battlegrounds Mobile is available on the official website.

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When Bgmi Update Download will be available?

As mentioned above, the updated version download link will be updated here in the link mentioned here in our website. As of now the date for the bgmi is not available, but You are advised to check the same daily or regularly and follow the step for downloading and installing. Please follow the link mentioned here on our website for a safe and original version of the latest BGMI Apk Download.


Our conclusion for today’s post regarding the latest Battle Ground Mobile India is that the same will be available in the download link mentioned in the post. Any third-party link will be added here for Battle Ground Mobile India’s latest version which is BGMI 2.3. In the case of third-party location, you have to enable the installation from an unknown source option so that one can proceed, whereas, in the case of Play Store or Apple stores, you only have to follow the standard procedure.

If you still have any questions left regarding Battleground India or Bgmi 2.3 Update Download Apk, don’t forget to ask the same in the comment box, we try to answer those, and the selected ones will be included in our FAQ sections. Don’t forget to bookmark us also.

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