How to use stb : StbEmu An Amazing Emulator

Let’s get to know where you can download StbEmu and How to use stb . What are the features of StbEmu. How many version of StbEmu are available in the market. If StbEmu is free or paid? What are the permissions that StbEmu is needed once you install it on your device? In the last section before answering the FAQs related to StbEmu, we will also discover on how customers are rating this app.

Download StbEmu and How to use stb

As the name suggest StbEmu can be considered as an abbreviation of St-Top-Box +Emulator. It is an application which can emulate something linked to set-top-box. StbEmu can be used to emulate the IPTV broadcast (that is meant to be broadcasted on set-top-box) on your computer, Laptop or on your Mobile device.

Before sharing the download link of StbEmu and tell you more about it let’s try to find what StbEmu app is all about. There are two type of STB emulator one is free version and second paid version STB emulator Pro APK.

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It will be good to for you to know about StbEmu, lets discuss about the version for it.

Version : StbEmu pro apk and free

Currently there are two versions available .

Free version. This is known as Free StbEmu

Here you get all the functionality of StbEmu, but there are advertisements to support the app functionality.

Paid version. This is known as StbEmu Pro

Here you get all the functionality but since it is paid version, it is ads free.

As far as the cost of Pro StbEmu, it is costing approximately 8$

How to use stb

Before anything, you must understand that you must have an active subscription of IPTV (internet protocol TV ) from some third party vendor, as StbEmu don’t provide you IPTV subscription, its only let you emulate the IPTV that was meant for Set top box, on your device.

How to use stb

There are few free as well as paid IPTV subscription available. Following is the list of some of the IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV

IPTV Trends

Red Bull TV

Tubi TV

Once You have IPTV Subscription with you, you can enter the details and make change in the StbEmu setting.

Download the StbEmu Application

Download the StbEmu Application (this will be the first step if you want to know How to use stb from the download link mentioned here in our post. After Downloading, it will be installed automatically.

Change the Setting of stb

Now after you have downloaded the StbEmu or from the download link mentioned here in our post, you have to open the application. On opening, next window will be where you will have three options

  1. Configure application
  2. Restore setting
  3. Close

If you haven’t worked with StbEmu or stb before and doing it fo the first time then you will selected the first option that is Configure application. If you made some error while changing the setting of your StbEmu application, you can choose the 2nd option of restore setting. Or you can close if you want to do things later on.

We are assuming that you have selected the configure application from first window, as mentioned above. This will take you to the setting option of the StbEmu application. You can also reach to this option by selecting three lines on the top left-hand side of the StbEmu application. You can also click three dots on top right hand side of the application interface; from there you have to select setting and then profile. Once your profile is visible than you have to click on it. If you want to know How to use stb please concentrate on the following steps.

Once you reach there, you will have the following options available

  1. Change Profile Data
  2. Common Setting
  3. Reload Portal
  4. Keymaps
  5. Save/Restore Settings

Let’s explore these options one by one. One must know about each of these options in details if you want to know how to use stb

Change Profile Data

This is most important aspect that one should learn about, if you want to know any thing about  StbEmu application.

Inside the  Profile menu of StbEmu application, you can find 4 sub mine

Profile Name

You can change your profile name.

Portal Setting

This is the most important aspect. Here you have to enter the Portal address that your IPTV service provider will give you.

STB Configuration

Once you open STB Configuration setting there will be many options. You have to note down your MAC address (which is typically in the form of 00:1A:89:83:27:00 etc). Please note it down in some word file or write it down correctly. You have to enter the same on the website of your IPTV service provider.

(So basically there are two actions that you would do, you have to enter the Portal address on your StbEmu application and you have to tell about your MAC address to your IPTV service provider. This is like a handshake at both the end).

Media Player Setting

Keep it default. Don’t need any major changes.

Advance Setting

Leave as it it. There is no major change required.

Once you enter the correct Portal address in your profile, you will be connected to the server of that IPTV provider and able to watch IPTV emulation on the device of your choice.

Features before you want to know How To Use Stb

There are some features and general settings of StbEmu application that you will find handy while using it. Option to choose will be select three small lines at the top left hand side of the application.

App Language:

You can choose the language of your use stb application. Default language is English. You can leave it as it is if you want to see instruction in English.

Navigation Bar:

You can Choose to show or hide navigation bar while you are working on the StbEmu application. By Default this option is to show Navigation Bar.

Always show overlay buttons

Overlay buttons visibility option. By Default it is on. You can choose to hide it.

Screen Orientation

Screen Orientation option. You can have portrait or landscape mode selection. By default it is landscape mode.

Password Protection

You can choose to secure your stb application through password.

Boot Option

How should the application behave when your device got start? You can chose to select auto start on device booting or may choose to start the application manually.

Volume Control of stb

Here in this option you can chose the volume setting.

Media Setting

In Media setting option you can create different media session when playback.

Keyboard Setting

In this option you will have two sub options, 1. Keyboard Type and 2. Software keyboard input method.

You can choose to define the software version of keyboard if the native keyboard is not working. However leave it as it is , since it will work in most of the cases.

FAQ for How to use Stb

Let’s explore some questions of our readers-

How to Use StbEmu app? How to use stb emulator?

In the above post we have mentioned in details about each and every aspect of StbEmu (how to use stb, request you to kindly read the above post, still if you have any doubts, please feel to write to us.

How to Use StbEmu for dstv?

You have to check if Dish tv is given IPTV service. If this is the case than you can follow the process mentioned in the post above.

How to use Stb Emu pro?

StbEmu pro is the paid version of  of StbEmu. The process for using is the same as mentioned above.

How does StbEmu work?

StbEmu emulate the IPTV version that is intend to be display for Set top Box, over device of your choice.

Is StbEmu free?

There are two version of it, one is free and the other is paid. The only difference is that the the free version is supported by advertisements.

How to Download StbEmu .apk ?

You can click on the download link as mentioned in this post to download StbEmu .apk

How to install StbEmu?

The process for installation of StbEmu is mentioned in the post here. Please go through it in details.

Download StbEmu ( stb

Rating of StbEmu By Customers

Customers have rated StbEmu version as on a satisfactory level.

Conclusion of How to Use Stb

We are hope that in this post we are able to is able guide you each and everything pertaining to StbEmu application. Please keep on posting your queries, in the comment section; we will answer your queries as soon as we can. Please don’t forget to bookmark us till than happy enjoying reading on How to use Stb

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