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In this post, we will learn about the Athama meaning. The origin of the word Athama will be discussed and it will be explained with usage, meaning, synonyms and antonyms. So let’s not wait too long and understand What Athama Mean.

Athama Meaning

Meaning of Athama is kind, polite [शरीफ़, सीधा, सरल]  .

It’s a Sanskrit language word. Its origin is very old. In the coming part, we will learn What Athama Mean with by knowing from which language this word originated, How Athama can be used in sentences, how this word can be pronounced and its synonyms and antonyms.

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So let’s begin and understand more about What Does Athamas Mean? Here we would like to explore all the different variations of Athama.

Athama Meaning

Synonyms of Athama

To know Athama Meaning, we should understand its synonyms. Following are the Synonyms of Athama. Also, its usage in sentences has been shown here. –

SynonymEnglish UsageHindi Meaning
KindThis boy can’t commit any crime, he is too kind (Athama) for it.यह लड़का कुछ गलत नहीं कर सकता, यह बहुत ही शरीफ़ (अथम) है.
PoliteBeing polite (Athama) is the best trait one can possess.शराफ़त (अथम होना) इन्सान का सबसे अच्छा गुण होता है .
GraciousHe is gracious (Athama) person; it’s always great to be in his company.वो बहुत ही अच्छे (अथम)  इन्सान हैं, उनके साथ रहने में हमेशा ही बहुत मजा आता है.
CourteousNick always welcomes his friends with open arms; he is such a Courteous (Athama) person.निक अपने दोस्तों को बहुत गर्मजोशी से मिलता है, वो बहुत ही मिलनसार (अथम)  इन्सान है.
CivilWe won’t tolerate any barbarian in our town; we want our society to be a civil (Athama) one.हमे कोई हिंसक अपने शहर में नहीं चाहिए. हमे अच्छे (अथम)  लोगो की जरुरत है.
RespectfulYou should always be respectful (Athama) to your elders.आपको अपने बड़ो के प्रति हमेशा ही उदार (अथम)  होना चाहिए.
ThoughtfulThe guy is so positive, always so thoughtful and full of positive energy.यह व्यक्ति बहुत उत्साहित(अथम) ही रहता है, एवं हमेशा ही विचारवान एवं  उर्जावान रहता है.
NiceRam is a nice (Athama) guy. Always show care towards other.राम बहुत ही सरल (अथम) व्यक्ति है एवं हमेशा दूसरों के प्रति सम्मान दिखाता है.
CarefulWe should always be careful (Athama) while expressing our feeling towards others.हमे हमेशा ही ध्यान (अथम) रखना चाहिए की हम दुसरो के साथ कैसा बर्ताव कर रहे हैं.
MannerlyHe has raised his son perfectly. His son is such a mannerly (Athama) child.उसने अपने बच्चे को बहुत अच्छी तरह से पाला पौसा है. वो बहुत हे सभ्य (अथम) बच्चा है.

Hope we are able to explain to you Athama Meaning with the help of synonyms and its usage in sentences.

Pronunciation of Athama

Now let’s understand how the word Athama is pronounced.

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Since the origin of this word is from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit, like most of the words of the Sanskrit those who ends with “a”, and last “a” will be silenced.

So its pronunciation is A + tha + M  (अथम).

Athama Meaning

Other Spellings of Athama

There are many spellings of Athama that one can assume; few of these can be Athame or Atham. Therefore similar queries like Athame Meaning or Atham Meaning can be asked.

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Antonyms of Athama

Let’s understand the meaning of Athama with its Antonyms to know Athama Meaning. This table will help you in knowing Meaning of Athama.

AntonymsEnglish UsageHindi Meaning
HateI never knew why he always carries hate in his heart.मुझे कभी नहीं समझ आया वह हमेशा अपने मन में इतनी नफ़रत (Athama  Antonyms) क्यों रखता था ?
BarbarianThis is not the act of a kind person, only a barbarian can do that.यह किसी सभ्य इन्सान का कार्य नहीं हो सकता केवल कोई जंगली (Athama  Antonyms) ही ऐसा कर सकता है.
UnkindWe should never be unkind towards the poor.हमे कभी भी गरीबो के प्रति गलत(Athama  Antonyms)  भावना नहीं लानी चाहिए.
RudeNo one likes to have rude friends. How long do you think people will like you if you are rude towards them?किसी को चिडचिडे(Athama  Antonyms)  दोस्त पसंद नहीं होते , आखिर कौन कितने दिन उन्हें सहेगा.
CruelI don’t want my kids to grow as a cruel person. Always imbibe kindness and generosity in them.मैं नहीं चाहता की मेरे बच्चे बड़े होकर  हिंसक(Athama  Antonyms)  बने. इसलिए हमेशा बच्चो में सहन शीलता एवं उदारता भरें.


We are hoping that by now you would be able to answer the main query about the Meaning of Athama.

FAQ on Athama Meaning

In this last section of our post, we will try to answer those questions that our users have asked us about Athama and its meaning in different languages.

What is Athame Meaning?

As we have mentioned earlier also, there are a few spellings of Athama, Which are very similar to the original spelling, and hence questions can be asked from you regarding those spellings like what is Atham Meaning?  And What Does Athame Mean or What Is Athame Meaning etc are these types of questions where “e” is sued instead of the second  “a” of Athama?

What Does Atham Meaning In English?

The meaning of Atham in English is kind and polite.

What Does Athama Meaning In Telugu?

Answer is “రకం  (Rakaṁ)”.

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Hope you will like our post on Athama and would be able to answer about Athama Meaning.  If you still have left any questions regarding Athama’s word, don’t forget to ask us through the comment section. Please bookmark us for such interesting posts in future. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel by Visiting here.

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