Captcha Typing Job Daily Payment : How to Earn LOT of Money

If You are an active Internet user, then you must have encountered situations multiple times, where you have been asked to verify that you are not a computer. Sometimes this verification is simply by clicking “I am Not a Computer” whereas other times it could have identifying pictures of traffic lights or something similar pictures like Zebra Crossings out of multiple collages of pictures.

These are known as the Captcha method for identification if the user is a guanine user or a computer program. But do you know that you can earn a handsome amount just by solving Captcha? So let’s Start Working and earn some money by doing work from home.  There is no need for technical knowledge, you only have to have basic computer knowledge and Internet Connection.

Our Today’s topic for discussion is Captcha Typing Job Daily Payment, how to earn money? Here we will try to understand how you can earn a good amount of money by simply solving Captcha, with a minimum of effort, without having any kind of technical knowledge. There is one more method Data Entry Job, which we will discuss in some other post, so today let’s concentrate on captcha only. The best part is there is no investment involved and your payment will also be on a daily basis. So let’s not wait anymore and try our best to learn everything about Captcha solving.

Captcha Typing Job Daily Payment

Since you are planning to make a good life or at least wants to earn a good amount, by earning money for solving Captcha; therefore like every other business, you need to know the basics of Captcha. How does it work, what is the meaning of a Captcha, and What types of Captcha are there? And How to Solve Captchas? There are a few types of Captcha, from complicated one to Simple Captcha, we will explain these one by one in the coming part.

By knowing the basics of Captcha, you would be in a better position to judge yourself, if this is the work you want to do, which type of Captcha should you try among all the available Captcha jobs’ daily payment work? Also once you understand the basics of Captcha, then you will probably be able to solve the Captcha problem with sure shot accuracy.

Meaning of Captcha

Captcha is a short form or abbreviation of  Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It was designed to stop viruses, bots, and malware from causing harm to websites and applications. Hackers have traditionally hacked websites in the past by accessing the least resourced areas by accessing multiple times.

Therefore this test in the form of Captcha was introduced, these tests are easy for humans to solve but difficult for the software of the machine to crack.

This is how you will get Captcha Typing Job Daily Payment by solving Captcha on behalf of machines.

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Different forms of Captcha

Let’s understand more about Captcha by learning its history of it. First Captcha was introduced way back in the year of 2000. Since then software developers have created various types of Captcha.

You should have a fair idea about the different type of Captcha if you wish to get Captcha Entry Work With Daily Payout because the different website offers different type of Captcha work. If you don’t have a thorough and proper understanding of it, you may end up solving the wrong captcha with non-efficient conversion.

For best results, you should try to understand the upcoming section about the basics of Captcha with the uttermost effort.

Social Media Captcha Signups

Though this is not a direct form of CAPTCHA, indirectly you can say that this is something that is segregating machine codes from humans, hence falling in the category of Captcha.

Social Media Sign-in Captcha is popular among webmasters. For example, Facebook-captcha will solve two purposes. First, it will give the website owner the actual user credentials – user profile and second it will automatically prove that the visitor is a genuine human being rather than the software or the bots. These actual users’ contact details will give benefits to website owners as they pitch their products or services to these customers.

Textual Captcha for Daily Work Captcha

In this type of Captcha which is text-based, you will be given text in some form that is not normal text, most of the time in distorted form. Since the machine is not able to read this text, you will be given the task to solve this text and enter it in the required text box.

If you are able to solve text-based Captcha; you can get a lot of work of Online Captcha Work Daily Payment. In fact, while getting Captcha work, you will be solving most of the time Text-Based Captcha only.

Captchas with Images

Our third type of Captchas is an image-based Captcha. Here you will be asked to identify certain types of images out of a collage of images; if there is no such image, you can simply click on the skip button. If you failed to select a few of the correct pics, you will be asked to select pics till the time you would successfully select all the required images. For example, you will be asked to find traffic light images out of a lot of images; similarly, you may be asked to select zebra crossings out of the collage of images.

Here the most important factors are speed as well as accuracy. because if you have selected all the images except one, you would be asked to go for the correct selection again and again. This way if you want to earn a huge amount by solving Captcha work, then accuracy and speed should go hand in hand by complementing each other.

Maths Captcha

In Mathematics-based Captcha, you will be asked to solve mathematics equations. You must be wondering if these mathematics equations can be solved easily by machines and software, but there is a catch. Here these mathematical puzzles would be presented in a form that only a human can read easily but difficult for a  machine or a software program to read properly. You may be asked to subtract, add or divide these numbers and will be asked to enter the correct answer. Though we know that a machine can perform mathematical tasks in a shorter time, since these would be in picture format and also the operation that will be asked is also not fixed, humans are better at solving maths-based Captcha.

Maths based Captcha s are among the most popular form of Captchas enabled by website developers. If you to earn via Captcha Typing Job Daily Payment, you have to be good in math as well as identifying picture-based text or numbers.

Audio Based Captcha

Audio Based Captchas are those Captchas where you have to identify an audio message. Then you would be asked to do this in the form of numbers or words. Audio would not be having a single voice, but it would have multiple types of voices including background voices, sometimes traffic voices, some time children voices. You have to identify a certain word or message with these mixed sound clips and enter the correct one. Sometimes you may be asked to add or subtract some number in the form of audio, this is making it difficult for the machine to solve such Captcha and hence gives you an opportunity to earn a good amount in the form of doing Captcha Entry Work.


Google has offered this ReCAPTCHA or No CAPTCHA service free of cost to web developers to safeguard against the boats and malware. Here in this type of Captcha, you will be asked to checkmark “I am not a robot”. Before moving further, your behaviour will be checked by the algorithm of ReCAPTCHA; for example, if this is very mechanical and not human behavioural. Further, you may be asked to solve some other Captcha also if the system doubts any similarity to a boat.  As there is not much technology involved in these types of Captcha, therefore you won’t be getting these types of Captcha as your work. To solve this only need to check on the I am No Robot text.

Captcha Typing Job Daily Payment

3D Captcha

3D Captcha is another way for you to earn via Captcha Entry Work With Daily Payout. This type of Captcha is relatively new and evolving. Here text and numbers would be given in some 3D form, which is not directly readable; you have to identify it and have to enter it. Machines would find it hard and hence your role is there to solve these Captcha.

Since this is evolving and have a good result so far, you are advised to understand this Captcha thoroughly.

Expected Earning by doing work of Captcha Typing Work

Earnings from solving Captcha are more subjective in nature and will be different for different individuals. The faster and more accurate you are, the more chances will be there for you to earn a good amount. Accuracy and speed are the distinguishing factors. We have seen people who are earning more than 500 US dollars by solving Captcha only. Other than speed and accuracy, your earning will also be depended on where you are searching for this work on the Internet.

In the coming part of our post, we will guide you on exactly where you can find Captcha jobs, where pay is real and better.

Experience Required to do Captcha Typing Job Daily Payment work

No there is no experience required neither any qualification is required for Solving Captcha and earning through it. All you need to have is accuracy and speed. Now you may be wondering how to increase speed and accuracy, then answer to this is, to start solving these Captcha-based puzzles and with time and experience you will be able to develop accuracy.

Which is the best place to find Captcha Work?

The Internet is full of scams. We don’t want you to be scammed by false promises. The following websites are one of the best and guanine websites that pay their users for Captcha-related work. Please go through these websites one by one-

Our First Website is 2CAPTCHA

2CAPTCHA is one the most trusted name in the field of Captcha Related work. You have to register here, and then you have to confirm your account. You will be given a login window and a dashboard, whenever there is any work available, it will be visible to you. You can start immediately the Captcha Typing Job Daily Payment work.  You have to earn at least 0.5 $ to withdraw any money. Website address for 2CAPTCHA is https://2Captcha .com/

Our Second website is Captcha Typers

https://Captcha . Captcha Typers is the second website in our list where you can find plenty of Captcha Typing Job. Once registered, you would be given an employee id and password. You would be explained in detail on this website how to use the employee id and password to start solving Captcha puzzles. Their payment methods are such that You have to earn at least 1 $ to withdraw any money.

Other websites for Captcha Typing Job Daily Payment

There are a few more websites where you can find plenty of online Captcha solving works-

Name of the WebsiteMinimum PayoutRemarks
MegaTypers$ 0.45Need More effort than compared to another website
FreelancerDirect payment after each workDon’t involve in personal messages. Always chat through Freelancer Messenger.
CAPTCHA Club0.5 $Good Website, Good Payment History
ProTypers0.5 $Good reputation among users
Click IndiaNot DefinedGood Option
KolotibabloNot DefinedGood reputation among users

We are sure that if you follow these websites, you will find plenty of work related to Captcha solving problems. The Key is to start right now and keep on working hard.

FAQ related to Captcha Typing Job

In this section, let’s try to answer those queries that our users have asked which are going to help you as well in getting work related to Captcha puzzles.

Name a few of the websites to find Captcha Related Work.

Here in this post, we have mentioned the top websites which are given Captcha-related work and have a reputation among users for timely payment. You can read the post carefully and find a lot of Captcha-related work.

Are there any Apps where we can find unlimited captcha typing jobs without investment daily payment?

Technology is ever-changing,   therefore by the time you read this post, many such app would have been made live. However we don’t recommend any such apps as we haven’t reviewed these yet, however, you can go through the websites that we have mentioned here in our post.

Is this Captcha typing job work for daily payment also available in Tamil?

The information given here is true for India as well as Tamil or any place across the globe. Please read our post carefully to get the answer to your query.

Is there any captcha jobs daily payment in Pakistan?

As we said in the previous FAQs, the information given here is true in any country across the globe. Please go through it carefully.

Disclaimer for Captcha Typing Job Daily Payment:

(We tried our best in providing you with the information related to online Captcha work and to earn from it. But you are advised to check it on your own, as we don’t have any association with any of the websites mentioned in our post. There is merely information and you are to check on your own for authenticity. We at are not responsible and liable in any way whatsoever for any success or failure of your business or work or effort in any capacity that is directly or indirectly related to the use of information or services that is reviewed or advertised on our website).

With this, we are concluding our today topic on Captcha-related work and sincerely hope that you will get plenty of Captcha Typing Job Daily Payment work. We wish you good luck in your journey ahead. If you still have any queries related to today’s topic, please don’t forget to ask in the comment box. You can also bookmark us for other interesting posts.

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