How Does An Amoeba Obtain Its Food : YUMMY !!!

In today’s topic, we will discuss the food process of an Amoeba Obtain and see How Does An Amoeba Obtain Its Food? We will also give you a brief introduction to Amoeba also. What is an Amoeba? Where it can be found? Is it harmful to humans? We will also discuss the History of Amoeba, where it was found/discovered, and many things about Amoeba. So Let’s not wait anymore and begin to understand more about Amoeba.

How Does An Amoeba Obtain Its Food?

Before discussing more Amoeba and explaining everything about Amoeba, let’s answer our initial query regarding Amoeba Obtaining Its Food.

Amoeba obtains its food via a process called endocytosis. In this process, Amoeba extends its finger (Amoeba doesn’t have fingers :-), we mean a finger-like extension of its body which is known as pseudopodia), and encircles the food particle. Once encircled, a food chamber is formed to digest the food. This chamber is called a food vacuole. 

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The digested part of the Food particle then moves (diffuses) inside into the cytoplasm area of the Amoeba.

The unutilized part is moved to the surface and thrown outside.    

This way An Amoeba obtains its Food. The same can be explained by the pic attached below. How Does An Amoeba Obtain Its Food For Class 9 With Diagram can be explained below.

How Does An Amoeba Obtain Its Food

You may be asked about the food process for An Amoeba, How it Obtain Its Food? What Is Osmosis? These are two entirely different things. Osmosis is the process through which An Amoeba collect its oxygen and water particle.

Osmosis is the process of moments of any substance between two surfaces because of the difference in density of the material. For example, if you throw a raisin (dry grape) in water, it will become pompous after a few hours, water flow inside the body of the Raisin because of the difference in the density of substances inside the Raisin and that of water. This is the perfect example of Osmosis.   

What is an Amoeba?

An Amoeba is a unicellular organism and one of the first forms of life on Earth. It can change its shape and size by extending or contracting its figure-shaped structure called pseudopodia.

Amoeba is sometimes also known as ameba or amoeboid.

Where an Amoeba can be found?

An Amoeba can be found in various forms of life, be it Animal, Funagi, or Algai. How Does An Amoeba Obtain Its Food, for that you have to go through this post in details.

What is the Size of an Amoeba?

The size of an Amoeba can extremely vary in shape and size. The Amoeba that is found in freshwater is from 2 micrometres to 3 micrometres, whereas Amoeba that is found in the deep sea is reported to be 20 cm long as well.

When does the Discovery of Amoeba happen?

The Discovery of Amoeba was done by August Johann Rösel von Rosenhof, he was a painter, naturalist, and entomologist, way back in 1775 in one of his research papers.

Explain the Structure of An Amoeba.

An Amoeba has the following parts-


In Simple words,  Nucleus is the heart and soul of the Amoeba. It is like a command and control center of an Amoeba. It is responsible for the growth and contraction of an Amoeba. It is responsible for the coordination and action of every part of An Amoeba. 

Plasma Membrane:

The Plasma Membrane of an Amoeba is responsible for moments of material. May be food particles or water particles or any other part. How Does An Amoeba Obtain Its Food, this may be a better understanding of it.


Cytoplasm is the jelly-like substance in the Amoeba and is responsible for the extension or contraction of pseudopodia for the Amoeba. This is the answer to our today’s query about the food process for an Amoeba and how it Obtains its Food.

Cytoplasm has two layered structures the outer ectoplasm and the inner endoplasm.

Outer ectoplasm is for protection, a little rigid, gel type, transparent, thin in nature, and flexible to capture food, etc by extending pseudopodia.

The inner endoplasm is denser in nature and has many granules. It is responsible for moments of water molecules inside the body of an Amoeba.

How the interaction of Amoeba can be classified with other Organisms?

Interaction of Amoeba with Human or animal Organisms generally resulted in infection of some sort. For example, amoebiasis (commonly known as amoebic dysentery or simply dysentery or stomach upset) is because of the freshwater. You Can access the wiki page of Amoeba by clicking here.

FAQs on Amoeba’s Food Process

In the last part of our post, let’s try to answer a few of the queries that our readers have asked us.

How Does An Amoeba Obtain Its Food Class 9?

An Amoeba Obtain Its Food from the process called endocytosis.

How Does An Amoeba Obtain Its Food Diagram?

The diagram for the food collection process is given above in the post. (It doesn’t have eyes, it was given just to explain to you.)

How Does Amoeba Obtain Its Food Name The Process?

The process is known as endocytosis.

Now finally we hope that we are able to answer your query related to the food process for an Amoeba and How Does An Amoeba Obtain Its Food? We have also tried to explain different things about Amoebas, its name discovery, and parts of its body. Hope you will like our post. Don’t forget to ask your questions in the comments section. Also, you can bookmark our webpage.

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