Travelling Abroad For The First Time : An Amazing Checklist

If you are travelling first time abroad, there are a few very important things you should consider at every cost. This is the topic for today’s things to be considered while travelling abroad for the first time. These are the things that will make your trip safe and a memorable one. So let’s begin on your journey to make your upcoming journey a greater one.

Travelling Abroad For The First Time

Travelling is what we all cherish. We all want to know or to see new places; this is the basic nature of humans. In the current world, technology has made our life easier. Travelling from one place to another has become easier too. We can plan to go to places these days that we would not have imagined going a decade back. Travelling abroad is one such experience that we want to have in a perfect way so that we want to have it in our life forever.

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But there are a few things one should always remember to make our first abroad travel a memorable one that we are going to discuss here in this post. We are going to discuss here each term in detail. Because if you miss any of these they’re going to be trouble and no one wants to have trouble while travelling especially on the first trip.

Important Points or Checklist

There are a few very basic and important things that one should consider before and during a foreign visit or if you have planned to Travelling Abroad For The First Time. These are explained in detail below

Research The Place of Visit

You should research the place well before visiting any. Make a list of the places that you want to visit. Go through the details of each and every place, and research it well. Try to find the pros and cons of every place. How safe it is for travellers, for couples, how safe the night travel, and how costlier the place is? After you finished your research, it’s time to reach a conclusion.

Once you finalized your place, it’s time for extensive research on that place. Make a list of the place that you are planning to visit. Everything should be on paper and everything should be panned well ahead.

Connect With Your Booking/Travel Agent

There are two types of travel that you can plan, first one is where travel agents generally plan travel with many other families whereas the other type of travel is where an individual (I mean you and your family) travels there. If you are not well versed in the local language, it’s better for you to go along with the group whereas if you think you and your family can manage alone then you can plan individual travel.

For the very first time, I strongly suggest you go with a group, as for the staying and travel, all arrangements would be done beforehand and you don’t have to worry about anything. Also, there is other in the group also, so you will never have to worry about any kind of trouble that you might face there. Travelling Abroad For The First Time can be a great memory if you have the right company for the trip.

Also, a nuclear family travel plan may also have local travel and staying arrangement done beforehand, for that, you have to consult your travel agent. But at every cost, you should never leave the booking done on reaching your destination.

There may be some event there in the country of your travel, where would you go in case there is not any availability of places. Make sure of it that everything has to be booked including stay and local commute well before you reach that place.

Travelling Abroad For The First Time

Understanding of The Visa Rules

Make sure you understand the VISA process of the country that you are visiting. There are countries that may allow visa on arrival, however, there are countries which doesn’t allow visa on arrival and you have to apply for a visa well in advance. You are advised to understand the visa rules of the country that you are planning to visit. Here issues occur for those countries where visa rules change and you are caught unaware of it.

For example, you visit a country thinking that visa on arrival is there but the rules change a few weeks before your travel and you are unaware of it. Therefore it’s a must; you should understand the visa rule well before you plan to Travelling Abroad For The First Time.

Check Your Passport Expiry Date

This is very important, especially if you are planning to stay for a longer duration. I have myself caught in the same. And trust me it’s not a very pleasant experience to have a passport expired on a foreign land. You may have to visit the embassy of your home country and may even have to stay longer till you have your passport renewed. Please make sure to get it extended

Credit or Debit Card Activation

Make sure your credit card should work in the country of your visit. Please visit a branch of your credit card for clear information about it.

Travelling Abroad For The First Time

Have an Understanding of the Local Language

This sound may be out of context, but it is always helpful if you can speak or at least learn to say a few basic things in the local language. For example, if you are planning to go to Paris, you should know how to say hello in French, how to say help, how are you? Which way to go for this place? Etc. You will realize that this small effort will make your travel a memorable one. There is nothing more present for locals to greet them in their local language. You will enjoy that too.

Technology has made our life easy, if you can’t learn a few basic phrases in the local language, you can take help of the technology. You can download a few translating apps which can translate into the local language.

Following is the list of the best translating app; you can have any of these or a few of these on your mobile-

  1. Microsoft Translator : Supports over 60 languages.
  2. iTranslate Translator : It supports over 100 languages.
  3. Google Translate : All-time hit app that supports across the globe.

Other than these are also multiple translation apps that you can find on Google play store or iStore.

Make Multiple Xerox Copies of Your Tickets and Passport

This seems to be a bit of too much precaution, but you should always make multiple copies of your documents. Keep it at different places also, for example, you should carry your passport with you whereas a Xerox copy of it is to be kept in the language of you and your partner. I can tell you from the experience of those who have lost their passport; a foreign territory is the worst place to lose it. But having multiple Xerox copies of it will help you to some extent.

Get the Foreign Exchange Done Well in Advance

If you are planning to visit any country, you need to have the local currency of that country in your hand. You can exchange the currency of your country with the currency of that country as per the rules and regulations of your own country.  Don’t keep the same pending till the last day, because there may a chance that there is a shortage of the currency if you reach the exchange on the very last day. Imagine what kind of problem you are going to face if you reach some country without having the currency of that country in your hand.

Things to Remember While Packing the Bag

This is one aspect that is being given the least emphasis. You are advised to pack things only which are necessary. For example, don’t pack things like cold drinks as you can get plenty of it. Don’t pack multiple shoes only pack one multipurpose shoe. Similarly for clothing, pack clothes which are suitable as per the season of your visiting country. Your bag should be as light as possible. Pack only the most essential ones.

Keep an Emergency Number Handy in Case

Every country has a different emergency number. For example, India has 100 for police and 108 for medical emergencies. You should also keep the number of your travel agent other than on your mobile phone because if you lost your mobile phone, you should be able to contact him anyhow. You should also keep the embassy number of your home country handy in case of a bigger emergency.

Keep Your Money, Luxury Items in a Safe Place

Most hotels these days provide a locker facility for which you can set the code yourself and you can keep your belongings safe. If this facility is not available, never keep your entire money in a single place; keep your luggage locked while you leave your hotel. Always ask the manager of the hotel, if it is safe to keep things in the room while you are away. Also when you are visiting any local place, keep money with all your family members, in this way if somehow you lose money, maybe theft or something; you can at least reach to your place w because the other person is having some money in his pocket.

Understanding the Rules and Regulations of The Visiting Country

Travelling Abroad For The First Time

You are advised to well verse with the local rules and regulations of the visiting country. For example, there are several countries where you can’t be allowed to drink alcohol outside whereas there are some countries where nightlife is not safe and you should not be leaving your hotel. There are countries where you can’t sit by crossing your legs as it is considered offensive to the other person. In a nutshell, you should defiantly know the basic rules and regulations of the visiting country.

Know the Temperature and Weather of The Place

It would be beneficial for knowing the temperature and the weather of the place of your visit. You don’t want to catch up with the wrong season of clothing. For example, you don’t want to visit a country that has snow all around you in summer clothing. You should be having jackets, sweaters, boots, and inners for this country. Similarly, you would want to enjoy the summer with light clothes, not with sweaters and jackets that you have packed wrongly in your bags. Therefore always get the knowledge of the season of the visiting country.

Research About Local Markets and Fairs or Important Occasions

Imagine how would you feel if you have been told by your friend “O my god, you went to that place and you didn’t this festival?” or “You didn’t do the boat ride? “. You will feel very disappointed; therefore you are strongly advised to research the famous foods, famous places, upcoming festivals, art, people or moments about your visiting country.

Plan Your Shopping

You are going to a special place and dong shopping? How can that be possible? Make a list of the item that your visiting country is famous for. Keep enough room in your luggage or make sure if you buy items from your shopping list, you should be able to take them with you comfortably.

Don’t Forget to Taste Local Recopies

Visiting Italy and not enjoying the pizzas of different crusts? Visiting South Africa and not visiting and tasting the world-famous South African wine? You don’t want to disgust yourself for missing the recipes of world-famous places.

Search For Food Restaurants in Your Own Country

This is important if you are a vegetarian person. Vegetarian people may find it hard to get the quality of food in the visiting country and the option may also be very less. Therefore make an effort to know where the restaurant of your country is in the foreign land, with technology and Google you can find it in a matter of seconds.

Few Other Import: Pen Dairy, International Charger

And this is very important; please don’t miss this at all. Carry a pen and dairy, it may be difficult to find a place in a foreign land where you may want to write something which is very important to you. You also don’t want to end with your phone discharged because the charger of your phone doesn’t work with the charging system of another country. Do the Google and get to know about this. You can search for and buy the international standard charging plug.

I hope if you follow the tips explained here, you will enjoy your first foreign trip and will cherish that forever. If you have any questions left, don’t forget to mention them in the comment box.


Now let’s try to answer a few of the questions that may be helpful to people

What do I need to know about Travelling abroad for the first time?

Make a checklist of the item as described in this post. Make sure of making all the things done before you leave, if you want a complete hassle-free travel.

Which country is best for first-time travellers?

Research on Google about which countries are best for travellers. It should be politically stable, crime-free, must have amazing places and should suit your pocket.

What should I do as a first-time traveler?

Make a checklist of the things mentioned here in this post and complete the list before you leave for the travel.

What must people do before travelling abroad?

This post is about the things that need to be taken care of before the travel. Please read and follow it for your safe and pleasant travel.

First time travelling on a plane. What care should be taken?

Travelling first time on a plane may be unpleasant for some individuals. You may feel pressure in your ears, some may feel vomit sensation.  Please consult your general physician before your travel start, if you have motion sickness.

Travelling to another country during Covid-19. What should be the checklist for it?

Every country has different rules pertaining to Covid 19. Make sure you adhere to those rules. Some may ask you to bring a certificate of full vaccination, and some may ask for the latest RT-PCR. You may have been vaccinated, but your vaccine may not be on the list of allowed vaccines in the visiting country. Make sure you understand and follow the Covid 19 rules very strictly.

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