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In this post, we will tell you about how you can search and download the ITI Results for 1st year and 2nd year. So let’s not waste our time further and let’s get to know more about NCVT Marksheet.

We will also try to put focus on why ITIs are important and their contribution to the growth of Our Country. But before that lets give you the Download Link to download NCVT Marksheet.

Know more on How Ncvt Mis Marksheet Download 2023

In India, Industrial Training Institutes (Known as ITI) are the backbone to the Indian workforce and a major force to reckon with as far as Skill India is considered. ITIs provide vocational education and training to students, hence preparing these students and training them for the skills required to enter the workforce in various industries.

Ncvt Mis Result download 2023

In India, ITIs are being run by NCVT which stands for National Council for Vocational Training. NCVT is the body responsible for running ITIs across India.

Recently ITI result has been declared by NCVT. If you want to Ncvt Mis Marksheet Download 2023, you have to take the following steps as per the picture attached-

Ncvt Mis Marksheet Download 2023

If we summarized above, go to the NCCT website

Then search for the ITI Tab, once you enter the tab you will be redirected to the ITI link where you will be asked to enter your roll number and Annual details. You will be given details of your mark.

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Format of Ncvt Mis Marksheet Download 2023

Once you click on the download button, Your ITI marksheet will be downloaded in PDF format. Though you can take a screenshot and save the screenshot in JPG or PNG Format. Generally, it is saved as  Ncvt Mis Marksheet Download 2023 Pdf.

Name of the Exam: This exam was conducted in July 2023, This exam is known as NCVT MIS ITI AITT Result 2023. The procedure for downloading the Ncvt Mis Marksheet Result is mentioned in the post above. You can download it as per the procedure mentioned above.

ITI Certificate: However for ITI Certificate, you have to go to the respective institute and then have to take it from the office only. As of now, there is no provision for downloading of the ITI Certificate.

Why this Ncvt Mis Marksheet Download 2023 Download is important

It is important to download this marksheet as it will act as a provisional degree for any candidate to get a job in any of the industry.

Ncvt Mis Marksheet Download 2023

Key Roles and Functions of ITIs in India

Here are some key roles and functions of ITIs in India, As we have already informed you about how and from which Indian website you can download the Ncvt Mis Marksheet Result, let’s move on to an important aspect of ITI, why ITIs are important for the country as a whole.

Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship is putting so much focus on ITI for the following reason-

Skill Development for Students

The focus of NCVT through ITIs is to provide practical skills and technical knowledge to students. These skills are very important for various industries,  and at the same time help students become technically qualified when they complete their courses. If you follow our post carefully, by the end of the post you will be able to find ncvt mis marksheet download here in the links of our post. Ncvt Mis Marksheet Download 2023 information is provided here in our post.

Vocational Training to the Students

Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship is providing Vocational Training to the students through it. These are for various vocational trades such as electrician, mechanic, plumber, welder, carpenter etc. Most industries, from manufacturing and construction to automotive and electronics sectors are being taken care via these vocational trainings.

Employment Ready

With the help of the vocational training provided by it, the students are being taught about their needs, making them more employable for entry-level positions.

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Bridging Gap of Industrial Demand and Supply

NCVT also helps in bridging the gap between the demand for skilled workers and the supply of qualified personnel. This is one of the major engines for the growth of our nation.

Government Initiatives and Schemes

NCVT-affiliated ITIs are supported by government initiatives to promote skill development. Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship, The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and other bodies collaborate to provide the training and align it with industrial requirements.

Certification to the Students

NCVT-affiliated ITIs offer certifications upon completion of the vocational training. These certificates are being recognized by industries and employers. Students with these certifications are considered with the skills required to get a decent job across various industries.

Industrial Knowledge Programs

Most of these ITIs facilitate apprenticeship programs, these programs allowing students to gain practical knowledge and experience in real work scenarios while continuing their education. This provides hands-on exposure to the industry and hence provides knowledge and confidence to the students to make them realise that they can do good in real world scenarios after getting knowledge from ITIs. Probably that is one of the reason, why so many aspirants sit in this exam every year and search for ncvt mis marksheet download.

Technical and Practical Education

NCVT affiliated ITIs not only focus on theoretical knowledge but also give knowledge about the practical aspect of the training. This is helping the students to understand the technical aspects of their trades and give them practical knowledge of real world scenarios.

Up gradation of the Skills

ITIs periodically update their curriculum to align with technological advancements and changing industry needs. This ensures that students are trained on the latest tools, equipment, and techniques.

Encouraging the Entrepreneurship Culture

In addition to preparing students for jobs, ITIs also help students to become successful entrepreneurs by providing them with the skills needed to start their own businesses in various sectors.

Focus on Rural Development

NCVT affiliated ITIs can play a significant role in rural development by providing training to individuals in those skills that are in demand, therefor it will help them getting jobs at their place of living only and hence reduce the migration to urban areas for employment.


Overall, NCVT affiliated ITIs contribute to a great extent to the development of a skilled workforce for the country. Quality, technical qualification and knowledge of the manpower are essential for the growth of the manufacturing, construction, and service sectors and hence that of the country India. It serves as a bridge between formal education and industry requirements by enabling students to secure employment which is matching their technical knowledge and hence contributes largely to the country’s economic growth and progress.

And as per the current topic of Ncvt Mis Marksheet Download 2023, you can go to the download link mentioned above and can download the marksheet in PDF format. Best of luck for your future.

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