How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza : Use it for FREE!

Welcome to In this post we are going to explain about one of the best photo and video editing app Picsart Photo & Video Editor app. We ate going to explain all the feature of Picsart app. We will also going to explain you on How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza. We will also going to tell you few shortcuts, tips and trick of Picsart app. How much this app will cost you and we will also going to discuss on how users have rated this app. So let’s not wait anymore and let’s understand Each and everything about Picsart app.

How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza

There are lots of video editing apps and lot more photo editing app. But Picsart app is one true editing app, which if you have downloaded it; you don’t have to go into the loops of switching from one app to another for small things. Let’s understand How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza by learning about the features of Picsart app.

Main Features of Picsart App:

Picsart App is one of the greatest photo editing and video editing app. It has been loaded with multiple features. If you wish to know How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza, you should be familiar with its features.  As mentioned above it has two main components

  1. Photo Editor
  2. Video Editor

But along with these there are other main parts of this app as mentioned in the picture attached. Since you wants to know How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza, let’s explore these parts broadly one by one and understand how these parts are working and how can we learn on how to use Picsart App.

Download Picsart App

Picsart app is available on Google play store and on IOS also. To download the app, you have to go the Google play Store, and you can download the Picsart app from the link below. Once you download it, Picsart App may ask for permission depending on your mobile phone setting.


Making Account on Picsart

Once you finish downloading and installing of Picsart app, next thing you will be asked is to make an account on Picsart. You have three ways to do that

  1. Make account through Email: You can make account on Picsart from any mail.
  2. Link and make account through Google Account : Picsart can also be made from Google account
  3. Link and make account through Facebook: Picsart account can also be made by linking your Facebook account on Picsart.

Once you finished establishing your Picsart account, you will be asked if you like paid version, monthly or yearly. You can either choose a paid version or can opt for free version. Picsart app will have certain features those are not available in free version and only have on paid version. To answer your query of How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza, you can learn with any of the version.

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Paid version will have the following two options

12 month option: 649 INR or approximately 8$

3 month option: 199 INR approximately 2.5$

But good news is you don’t have to pay upfront you will have an option of 7 days trail period, which you can cancel anytime if you don’t like Picsart app during 7 days.

Home Screen

Let’s understand How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza with the understanding of home screen to start with.

Home screen Picsart have the following portions-

[We will explore each of these in details later on]
  1. Edit A Photo
  2. Edit A video
  3. Make a collage
  4. Background
  5. Apply Effects
  6. Retouch

Now let’s explore each option one by one in details-

How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza


In this section, you can edit any picture that you have saved our device. You will have the following tools and options to edit the picture. These options are visible at the bottom of your screen-


If you click on this option, you will be taken to the paid version page. You will be shown here yearly and three month paid option. Pricing of the same is mentioned above. At the bottom of this page, you will be assured that you cancel anytime and it will be renewed automatically.


Next part is tool. Once you click on the Tools section, there are lots of options here. Let’s go each tools one by one for you to know How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza. These tools are described as follows-

Crop: Here you can Crop you pictures in standard crop shape, which is either square or rectangular Shape.

Free Crop: Free Crop is selecting the crop area in non-rectangular or in a free shape.

Shape Crop: It has predefined crop shapes like heart, circle, star, ice, cloud etc. Recently Shape crop tool has been moved to cutout section from tools section.

Dispersion: Dispersion tool disperse your picture. The same can be understood from the attached picture. We are hoping that these illustrations will help you in answering your query of How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza.

How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza

Clone: As the name suggest, this tool will help you in making the clone or copy of selected areas.

Remove: This tool is opposite to clone tool. With this tool you can remove any part of the picture without much affecting the rest of the picture.

Stretch: Here in this stretch tool, you can stretch the any selected part of your screen.

Motion: You can say it is the extended version of clone tool. It’s like showing trail of any selected part.

Selection: It let you select area in rectangular shape. After selection, you can perform many actions like copy, paste, effects, crop and inverse or deselect etc.

Curves: This part let you reshape part of your pictures in skew or round and similar shapes.

Adjust: This tool will give you the option of changing brightness, contrast, clarity, saturation, hue, highlight, shadow and temperature setting of your picture.

Enhance: This tool will have two options, enhance and saturation. You can modify these to field easy by dragging from positive to negative direction.

Tilt Shift: With this tool you can blur rest of the picture except the part that you want to put focus on.

Perspective: This tool has been moved under the crop tools now. Here you can tilt the angle of viewing, making it near or from you and kind of angular distortion.

Resize: Resize tool let you change the size of the picture by entering pixels manually

Flip/Rotate: This toll has also moved under the crop tool. As the name suggest, it will let you rotate or flip your picture by certain angles.

AI Enhancement: Improve photo by adding pixels, reducing blur and fixing details automatically.

If you want to know How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza, then you must have to have the knowledge of above tools and functionality of these tools.

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Once you click on Effects (written as fx icon) you will many options to add effects to your picture. In simple words you can understand Effects as providing and enhancing brightness color and contrast to the pictures. Few of these effects are as are as follows-

Simple: It has approximately 50+ effects .Dodger, BLR, NTRL, BRNZ to name few.

FX: It has approximately 35 effects. HRD, Noise, Film, Glitch to name few.

B&W: More of black & white effects. There are approx. 15 effects inside this head.

BLUR: It will make your pictures blur in some degree. There are approximately 10 effects inside this head.

SKETCH: (I personally like this effect the most) In this effect you can make you picture a sketch, a cartoon etc. There are approximately 10 effects inside this head.

COLORS: Here You can replace color of your pictures, can make them full of one color e.g. Green, Hue, Negative etc. There are approx. 50 such amazing effects.

ARTISTIC: Here in this effect, you can have an artist like effects to you picture. Oil painting effect, Mirror, Fish Eye, Chopped, Fan, Water drop are few of the 50+ Effects.

MAGIC: Next Effect is Magic effect. Here you can make the magic effects into your picture; it ranges from making you a skeleton to some paradise type effects.

CANVAS: In this effect, You can insert picture in picture effect in some artistic way. It has around 5 effects for you to try.

Paper: Paper Effect is next in line. Here your picture will be given stencil effect.


Retouch is a super powerful and unique tool probably one of its kinds, and may be one of the reasons for you to learn How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza. It has the following unique features.

Face: Face tool let you do the correction on the shape and size of your face, forehead, nose, Lips, Eyes and Eyebrows. Also you can stretch or skew your overall face, forehead, and chin etc. to make your face more photogenic.

HD Portrait: HD Portrait is Paid feature of Picsart app. This tool will make you pic a HD portrait with the help of AI [Artificial Intelligence].

Smooth: This function will let you smooth your skin or any part of your picture manually. It has three functionality auto, manual and erase.

Eye Bag: This is premium feature of Picsart app, this function let you beauty your eyes.

Face Fix: This tool let you brush manually on the areas of your face that you want to make smooth.

Makeup: This tool let you do the makeup of your face virtually. Even if you haven’t done makeup, you will be looking like one with makeup with the help of this tool.

Blemish: It will let you remove Blemish from the areas you want, manually.

Skin Tone: This tool has multiple skin tone color and let you beautify the skin in your picture by auto or manually.

Hair Color: You can change the color and texture of your hair into any color with the help of this tool.

Details: This tool let you brush over eyes and lips to get more details our of these parts.

Eye Color: Can change eye color to the one of your choice.

Teeth Color: It will let you whiten your teeth and hence will enhance your picture.

Relight: This tool will let you change the light texture of your picture.

The explanation of each tool must have been able to address your original query of How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza.

Remove BG [Paid]:

This is the paid version feature of Picsart app. This will let you remove the background of your pictures and let you replace it with some other background or change a color pallet of it.


Sticker let you insert many preloaded sticker into your picture. This further you can blend it or make some adjustment with many other supported effects, to make it more attractive and appealing.


Cutout tool help you cut out any part from your picture in many shapes.


It will let you insert some retro and predefined effects into your pictures.


This toll help you write or insert any kind of text. The text supported is in different fonts and you can customize it according to your need.

Add Photo:

This is the option which let you add different photo into your main picture.


This feature let you fit your picture into different backgrounds, different images. You can reshape your picture accordingly.


This feature of Picsart has many automatic preloaded brushes, you can brush with Rainbow, can brush with heart shape store, can brush with flower stroke or many other unique type of brushes.


You can decorate your picture with many preloaded borders.


Mask feature of Picsart app let you have the semi-transparent theme to be attached with your pictures. For example you have Holi color theme on your pictures, or you can have love theme attached to your picture at the time of valentine day.

This can be best understood with the pic attached.

How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza


You can draw any shapes of brushes and strokes on your pictures

Lens Flare:

This toll will create lenses flair effect on your pictures.

Shape Mask:

Shape mask will mask your picture in some predefined shapes and rest of the part can be replaced by any other color or pattern or background.


Your picture will be framed with some cool predefined frames.


You can add the effects of HELLO, HI etc. into your pictures.

With this we are confident that we have completed your learning for How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza for Edit a Photo.


After extensive details of photo editing function, lets jump to how to edit a video. Let’s understand what kinds of tools are being provided by Picsart to edit a video.

Here are the main functionalities provided by Picsart to edit a video.


This is gem of a feature you can crop the area of your video clip. This could be free size, Square size, 3:4 Sizes, 16:9 Size and square size. You will be given best fit option for social media platform i.e. twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram etc.


This feature of Picsart allows you to split you video or make a mirror of it. Other than there are more technical features also like layer addition etc.


This feature have many cosmetic features. Few of them are as follows-

  1. Contrast
  2. Saturation
  3. Hue
  4. HSL [Hue, Saturation, Lightness Together]
  5. Highlights: This feature let you highlights the main part of your videos.
  6. Shadow
  7. Temperature


This feature lets you extract audio clip from any other source or video and you can input or import this in your current video.


This feature is segregating Picsart from other ordinary app. This is one of the reason why everyone want to know How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza. With this feature you can give extra effects to your video from retro look to classical look from animation effect to si-fi effect. Some of the effects are as follows-

  1. Simple
  2. FX
  3. B&W
  4. Colors: Invert, Negative, Colorize, BRN, Hue, Neo color etc.
  5. Artistic: Paint Brush type effect, fish eye, mirror effect etc.

Add Text:

You can add text to your video with the help of this feature.


You can add pre-loaded stickers into your video and can adjust them in your video with the help of functionality of color, size, shape rotation, hue etc.

Add Photo:

You can add any picture into your video with this tool of Picsart video editor.


This feature let you fit your video into different backgrounds, different images, different color palette etc. You can reshape your picture accordingly.

Next main feature of Picsart app is make a collage.

Make a Collage:

One you click on this option, you will be asked to select pictures to make a collage. Once you selected pictures, you will be asked to click on next. Once you click on next, your will have the following four options-


You can choose any layout of your choice from collage from preloaded layouts. There are 50+ preloaded layouts to choose from. Ratio:


You will be given best fit option for social media platform i.e. twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram etc Or you can choose other standard ration like 16:9, 3:4 or square etc.


You can remove the background of your collage from this feature.

Now lets explore rest of the remaining main features


Usage of background has been described both in photo editing as well as video editing feature. The only difference if you click on this tool from this tab, you have plain background and you may have to add picture or video whereas what we have explained was other way around. Picture was there earlier and you have to choose background. Rests of the functionality are the same.

Apply Effects:

Apply effect; we have already explained more or less while explaining Photo editing and video editing.


This also we have already explained more or less while explaining Photo editing and video editing.

We are sure by now you must be able to answer extensively How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza.

Now let’s move to over next section of FAQs

FAQs related to How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza:

In this section let’s try to answer those questions that our readers have asked from us regarding How To Use Picsart App. Let’s explore these questions-

How to Download Picsart App?

Picsart app can be downloaded from Google play store for android and apple store for IOS. Link is given in the post above; you can download it from there.

How to Make Account on Picsart App?

You can make account on Picsart app from any of the three methods mentioned below-

  1. From any mail id
  2. From Google account
  3. From Facebook account

How to use Picsart for PC?

Picsart can be directly on PC by accessing the website of Picsart that is

How can we start Picsart app download for pc?

You don’t have to download Picsart app on your PC. You can access the Picsart and all its functionality by visiting Picsart website. Link has been given in the previous question.

How to edit photos in mobile?

In this post we have explained in details how one can edit photos and pictures with the help of Picsart app.

How do we change Background for Picsart?

Background can be altered or changed in Picsart with the help if background tool. Read above to know more in details.

How can Photo editing image be completed?

Picsart is one such amazing that all you need to edit any image. Please read the post carefully to how to use Picsart.

Are there any apps like Picsart but free?

Well quality comes with price. Though Picsart is a paid app, but here are many features which are available free. So instead of searching for finding apps like Picsart but free, you please read our post carefully and we are sure you would be able to find many features free of cost only.

Please name few editing apps like Picsart.

Few of the editing apps like Picsart are as follows-

YouCam ,Bazaart, Pixlr, Conva

With this have concluded our discussion on Picsart app and How To Use Picsart App By Technical Raza. We are confident that by now you must have been well-versed with Picsart and its working. If you still have left any questions, please feel free to ask us through comment section.

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