YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk Download: Better than YouTube?

In this post, we are going to tell you why YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk Download version is considered better than the original YOUTUBE application by many. From where you can download YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk free of cost? What is the process of installing once you are finished with the download of youtube vanced 17.03.38? So let’s begin and understand each and everything about this great app.

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YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk Download

YouTube Vanced is the abbreviation of YouTube ADVANCED. Hence it is evident from the fact that many consider YouTube Vanced as the advanced version of YouTube. In The coming part of this post, we will explain why this can be considered the advanced version of YouTube when we will explain the features of YouTube Vanced 17.03.38 Apk.

YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk Download

Main features of YouTube Vanced Apk:

The following are the main features of YouTube Vanced updated ersion-

Play Videos in Background:

How many times it has happened to you that you are playing a youtube video and it gets stopped as soon as you moved out of the youtube screen? How many times you have been irritated and wished that video to be continued even after you have moved out of YouTube Screen?

Well, your prayers have been answered by YouTube Vanced mod Apk or simply YouTube Vanced Apk.

With youtube17.03.38, you will get the functionality where YouTube videos will be played in the background even after you have moved out of the YouTube app.

You can lock your phone and your video will keep on running in the background, this is simply an amazing feature if you’re listing to music from YouTube. YouTube Music Vanced is definitely the solution for you.

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Advertisement Blocker:

You are looking at some video with full attention and uttermost focus, and suddenly an ad appears. You certainly will lose your focus and attention. To get rid of advertisements you have to move to paid YouTube, which you may don’t want.

So the other solution is to go for youtube vanced 17.03.38 Download. With this YouTube Vanced mod Apk, you will get the option to block ads and you can watch your content free from advertisement.

You even can bloc intros, outros and reminders to subscribe to the video along with the sponsor segments advertisement where an advertisement of a service/product appeared in the middle of a video.

Amoled Theme:

With the YouTube Vanced Apk download’s latest version, you get the excellent and stylish Amoled Theme Dark Colored YouTube Vanced version. This will help you in two ways, 1st it will put less strain on your eyes and 2nd it will not drain your battery as fast as the old YouTube does, thanks to the dark colour theme. Because of the dark theme some even call it YouTube Vanced (black Apk download).

Control Brightness:

With one touch you can control the brightness of your YouTube Vanced mod Apk. This is the same as we do in most of the latest updated video players like VLC. These features are definitely making YouTube Vanced even better than YouTube, as this version of the latest YouTube Vanced is behaving dual both as a YouTube as well as a Video player.

Volume Control:

Volume control is the same in this youtube vanced 17.03.38 as in Traditional YouTube. You can adjust the volume according to your own comfort.

Playlist of Videos:

You can watch and create a playlist of your favourite videos if you have downloaded this latest version of the YouTube Vanced App. You can add videos to my Wishlist as well as you can rename and save them into different playlists.

Playback Speed Control:

Playback speed control is the same in this latest YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk as in Traditional YouTube. You can adjust the playback speed to .25x, .5x, 2x or whatever speed according to your own level of comfort.

Auto Repeat Feature:

Auto-repeat feature of YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk is making it similar to TikTok and similar social applications.

Free Of Cost:

Now this is the best part. If you have to use these features in youtube, you defiantly have to go for paid subscription version of YouTube, but with YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk Download, you can have all the features, even better features as we have mentioned earlier, free of cost.

Range of Videos:

The availability of videos is amazing for YouTube Vanced. Infect all those videos and content which are available for YouTube are also available for YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk version.

Screen Resolutions:

You can adjust the resolution of the screen as per your choice. The same is missing in Traditional YouTube. But with youtube vanced 17.03.38, you will get all the updated features, and as mentioned above, free of cost.

Skipping the Videos:

With the skipping button, you can skip the video that you don’t like on YouTube Vanced’s latest version. You can watch whatever you like and can skip whatever you don’t like.


There is more than 30+ basic permission that is built into this YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk version. These are as follows-


As you can see most of these permissions are very basic and almost replicable to those of any other video player on your phone.

Accessibility for YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk Download:

If you have decided on youtube vanced 17.03.38, this will access the following features of your phone-


Touch functionality



Screen Orientation ( Portrait or landscape)



Wifi Hardware

How To Download YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk:

To download YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk, you have to go through the go through the following link-

Alternatively, you can reach the following Telegram channel and search for YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk.

How To Install YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk Download:

Since this app is not available on the play store, therefore you have to do a few allowed installations from external sources.

Also, one more thing you should remember, the file that you would download is in .apkm format. You can’t open this file by simply clicking on it, to open .apkm files, you have to APK installer on your phone. APKMirror is one such installer, you can download it from the app store as per the following Link

Play Store APK Mirror Installer

And following steps will be needed to install YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk  on your device further-

  1. Open the APKMirror installer.
  2. Search the location of the file (where the YouTube Vanced Apk has been saved on your device).
  3. Allow File install from APKMirrior as per the picture attached.
  4. Before installation, check the package name it should be com.vanced.andriod.YouTube
  5. Also, check the signature verification tab, it should state signature verification is successful as per the picture attached.
  6. You can also check if the language of your choice is selected automatically by going to the language tab.
  7. Finally, click on Install app, YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk will be installed on your phone.

FAQ Related to YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk Download :

In this section, let’s understand a few of the questions asked by our users regarding the installation and similar topics.

What is YouTube Vanced Apk?

YouTube Vanced is the short form of YouTube AdVanced. This Apk version has much functionality that traditional YouTube is either lacking or available only for the paid subscription.

Tell me more about YouTube Vanced Apk Download Latest Version.

YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk is the latest version available for YouTube Vanced. You can download it from the Link mentioned in the post. Or you can also download it from the telegram channel mentioned above.

What is YouTube Vanced (Black Apk Download)?

The YouTube Vanced latest version has an inbuilt Black Amoled theme For the same reason some users called it YouTube Vanced (Black Apk Download).

How to install YouTube Vanced Mod Apk?

The installation process for YouTube Vanced Mod Apk is explained in detail. Please read each step. The installation process for YouTube Vanced Mod Apk is also explained with the help of the pictures. You can take the help of these pictures as well.

How this version of YouTube Vanced is better than the YouTube Vanced Old Version?

This version, YouTube Vanced 17.03.38, is better than the previous version as few bugs have been removed, also add blocking features have been improved in this current version of the YouTube Vanced app.

How to begin Vanced Manager Apk Download?

You can download it from the link mentioned above in the post on YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk Download.

What is YouTube Music Vanced version? How to Download it.

As we have already mentioned that the current version of YouTube Vanced version is best suited to music, where it will be played in the background even after you have moved out of the app, because the same reason YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk version is also called as YouTube Music Vanced version.

Hope You will like this post about YouTube Vanced 17.03 38 Apk Download. If you have any queries left still unanswered, don’t forget to reach out to us through the comment box. For such interesting pots in future, you can bookmark us.

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