LSL Can Status_Phantom Objects Be Clicked : Hidden Facts

This Small But Informative topic is about Status_Phantom for LSL (Linden Scripting Language). Here we will try to understand the Basics of Phantom Settings. How we can use Status_Phantom and other instances of Phantom and how this can be useful to the Players and Users in Second Life and a few more interesting details about Second Life.

LSL Can Status_Phantom Objects Be Clicked

Here we will try to answer the outcome of the Status_Phantom object on the click event. But before then let’s understand what is Phantom setting in Second Life.

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When the setting of an object is changed to Phantom, this will become free from the properties of Solid. Physics rules will not be applied to the object with Status_Phantom set to True.

Status_Phantom can be set to True or False. i.e.

Status_Phantom = True

Status_Phantom = False

One thing to be mentioned here is that all flexible objects do have the Status_Phantom value as True.

Hope this will clarify to some extent about the query LSL Can Status_Phantom Objects Be Clicked.

Before we dig deep into Status_Phantom, let us try to explain and understand Second Life first, for the understanding of new readers.


Second Life is a virtual reality platform where users from different countries, locations, and places can indulge in different acts, events, and social structures. Calling it a game would not be the right choice of words; rather we would call it a virtual world. It has things for everyone. Both Free and Paid stuff are there for everyone. It was launched in 2003 by Linden Lab and designed by Philip Rosedale.

LSL Can Status_Phantom Objects Be Clicked

You (You means your Avatar) can go and have fun with like-minded people, can go to places, pub, do romance, and get social with like-minded people. Your avatar can even purchase items from departmental stores (with Real Money), you can buy property, and fashion articles, can go on vacation, can swim, can become famous, can impress others :-).  We will come back to LSL Status Phantom Objects Be Clicked, after a brief introduction of Second Life.

The Currency of the Second Life Word is “Lindens”. For your understanding, 100 Lindens are equal to 1 US $.

Some people may call it absurd, but this is not what many corporate are thinking. A few Big multinational companies from the real world have bought and developed virtual places in Second Life to showcase their products and services, there are places where Avatars of other people can come and can have a first-hand experience of these. Learn More on Second Life from here

This section was for those who are new to Second Life and is different from our original query of LSL Can Status_Phantom Objects Be Clicked?

Key Aspect of Second Life Game:

Second Life Game is one the most popular game. The following are the key aspects of the Second Life Game-

Interaction with the virtual world: Users can create his or her avatars to interact with the virtual world.

User Can Create Content: Users can create game content like avatars, places, location buildings etc.

Users Can socialize with Others: Here users can socialize with other players and can enjoy themselves.

Game Bound Economy: Second Life game has a separate Economy where users can buy or sell things basis the game currency. This can be bought with real money.

Ownership of Virtual Land, Buildings and Property: Players can purchase lands, buildings and other properties.

Creativity by the User: The user can create various elements like designer clothes, the interior of the building etc

More on Phantom Attribute

Phantom can be associated with the following

OBJECT_PHANTOM: It will return the Boolean value depending on the Phantom Status of the object.

PRIM_PHANTOM: It is to set the property of PRIM as Phantom if we set this as some Boolean.

STATUS_PHANTOM: If the status of the Prim is being set as true, then On Clicking the object, it will become unsolid ( Flexible or sometimes Non-Collide, depending upon case to case).

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Hope we have been able to answer your query Can Phantom Objects Be Clicked? As mentioned above, the object becomes Un-solid after clicking if the status is set to Phantom as mentioned above. Objects and avatars can easily go through it. You can make a secret door in the wall through this property easily. One very important point that we like to mention here is that avatar cant have this attribute of Phantom and will always return as Boolean False if inquired through Get Status query.

If Object = Avatar, then (llGetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM)) will always return False.

You can easily change the status of Non-Phantom object by the following command-

llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, TRUE); // It will Become un-solid (or Flexible)

llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, FALSE); // It will Set the object solid again.

With this we have come to the end of our article of LSL Can Status_Phantom Objects Be Clicked. If you have some queries left, please feel free to contact us.

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