Hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999 : Here are 10 Secret Ways !!

Free Fire mobile/computer game is among the most played & popular battle royale mobile games. It is developed and published by Garena. In this game, you play as a character who is dropped onto an island and fights with 49 other players. In order to survive, you must fight to be the last man standing person or the team standing, if you have chosen to play as a team. The gameplay is similar to other battle royale games such as PUBG, but it has its own unique features and game mechanics. Diamonds are the currency of Free Fire Game.

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In this post, we will try to guide you on how you can get 99999 Fire Diamonds and that is without spending any money whatsoever. There are certain tricks that you have to follow, without those tricks it is impossible to Hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999.

But we can assure you if you read this post carefully you would not be wasting your data, time, and effort and will be able to get a lot of Free Fire Diamonds with a minimum of effort. So let’s begin and lets us explain to you how to get multiple free fire diamonds. We will also tell you if there is any free fire diamond apk available across the internet and if you can incorporate it into this your game.

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Hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999

Before answering your query about hacking Free Fire Diamonds, let’s explain a few things about Free Fire, why diamonds are important in this game, and what you can do if you are able to Free Fire Diamond Hack 99 999.

Free Fire game was developed and published by Garena. It’s a Singapore-based company whose parent company is Sea Ltd. This company was involved in developing small games earlier. With the Free Fire game, they have hit a bull’s eye. Free Fire game is a battle royal game where 50 players compete against each other for the last man standing. You can also play as a team with players as your teammates.

Name of the GameGarena Free Fire
Popular NameFree Fire (FF)
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Updated VersionFree Fire Max*
Creation Year2017
Genre(s)Battle Royale
Games Mode
  1. Battle Royale **
  2. Clash Squad***
  3. Lone Wolf****
Awards & Recognition
  1. 4th most downloaded game in 2018
  2. Surpassed PUBG in 2021 in terms of revenue in the US.
  3. EA-sports Awards for best game in 2020, 2021.
  1. Free Fire World Series
  2. Free Fire Continental Series
  3. EMEA Invitational
  4. Free Fire Asia Championship
  5. Liga Brasileira de Free Fire
Download LinkPLAY FREE FIRE NOW !!!
Gross Earning4.5 Billion Dollar

*: Free Fire Max is the visually enhanced version of the free fire game.

**:4 verses 4

***:1 verses 1 or 2 verses 2 mode

Free Fire Max Diamond Hack 99999

Now we have discussed a lot about the free fire game, let’s get back to our main topic of Hacking of Free Fire Diamonds.

These methods will be explained in the remaining part of the post. Please go through the post carefully and you will be able to get lots of free fire diamonds.

We will also share the web address of Hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999 Without Human Verification generator, then we will also share the most workable and practical methods that you can try if you want to enjoy the functionality of free fire games with lots of free diamonds.

Why Diamonds are so important in the Free Fire game?

Just like the dollar or pound or any currency, of the respective country where you reside, it is something that you like to spend on clothes, lifestyle, luxury, etc. In Free Fire, the diamond is the currency that is being used in this game. Since you love to win this game, you need to have the best weapons, the best clothes, suits, and protective gear.

You can purchase whatever you want to purchase in the Free Fire game, with Diamonds. These weapons, protective suits, cosmetic changes, and even avatars will give you an edge over the rest of the players. Therefore the more diamonds you have, the more will be your chances of succeeding others.

That is the primary reason you are here to learn about Hackinging Free Fire Diamonds.

One thing we would like to inform you is that though you are searching for methods to Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999, you are advised to be cautious, because many of the codes and apps mentioned here may have been blocked by the developers already.  And we at coolguts.com will nowhere be responsible if you end up disappointed. Some methods are still working better than others.

Let’s begin with Diamond Generator and understand how it is beneficial for you to get Free Fire Diamonds.

Free Fire Diamonds Generator Tool

The diamond generator is the mod version where you will be awarded free diamonds in the game and will be an instant help in your gameplay. You only have to play free fire from the link that you will be directed to and have to enter your game ID. They may ask you for some of the following details-

Enter Your Age: ….. (Please confirm that you are a minimum of 18 years old)

Enter Your GAME ID: ………….

Click here on the link below to jump to Diamond Generator Engine…….

Hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999

This method works mostly, but still, if you are not able to get diamonds, you should try this later on as the developers sometimes block the access. Please bookmark this page to access it later on.

Don’t forget to recheck your id before clicking the link.

We sincerely hope that if you follow the steps mentioned here, there is a great chance for you to finally know and understand if you can Hack the Free Fire Diamonds.

Free Fire Redeem Codes

Here we would like to inform you that these codes will be available for a very short time, so will try to update these as often as we can.

Redeem codes for Free Fire

Here are a few examples of free fire redeem codes that are available to be redeemed at the reward centre on the official website of free fire. And with these codes, you can easily able to Hack Free Fire Diamonds.


There are a few websites like Cashlootera where you can find daily codes that are applicable for Indian servers, not to mention here, different free fire codes are applicable for different servers.

To convert these into special offers and diamonds, you have to go to the official website of the free fire game and then you have to go to the reward centre. From there you can enter these codes to redeem.

Get Free Fire Diamonds through Booyah! App

Let’s understand what actually Booyah! App is and how you can get free diamonds through this app.

Whenever Free Fire organized any tournament or any events, they broadcast it through Booyah! App. So as a viewer, you can watch the tournament on the Booyah app,  as a reward for watching Free Fire on their official app, the game creator and event organizer will reward you with Free Fire redeem codes.

For example, the latest Airdrop Special Offer is one such event. Collecting and redeeming the codes is one of many ways to get Free Fire Diamonds. 99999.

Always pay attention to the current events of Booyah! App. Here you will be informed about the current events of Free Fire. By participating in these events, you will be given a chance to get free fire diamonds.

How to get Free Fire Codes  

Free fire game publishers distribute these codes from time to time, if you are involved with live events on the Twitter handle, Instagram Handle, or even youtube. You have to participate and be a true follower of this game of Free Fire. The game creator will share codes at any point in time, you only have to show participation.

Hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999

There are ways to get free fire diamonds where you can get daily redeem codes to get free fire diamonds. Following is the link, which will take you to the place or webspace, where you can get free fire diamonds daily-

Here you can find the telegram link for daily redeem codes below-

Google Opinion Rewards to Hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999

You can get free Google credits for your opinion Google Opinion. Basically, you will be awarded in the form of Google credits for doing the survey. You can do as many surveys as possible and can earn credits; later on, you can convert these Google credits into buying free fire diamonds.

Google Opinion reward is a great way to answer your query about How To get Free Fire Diamonds. Other than Google there are other survey platforms as well. There are many survey apps, that will give you a good amount of Google Play credits. A few of them will be discussed in this post.

Swagbucks for Free Fire Diamond Hack 99 999 Download

You can get free credits from Google and also gift cards from various stores to answer surveys question on Swagbucks. You will also be given exclusive access and discounts for various online and offline stores. You can get a lot of credits for Google Play which can be converted into free fire diamonds easily or free fire rewards centre.

Costco Offers free fire diamonds

Costco is one such place where you can get Free Fire diamonds. You can find a huge collection of products with a lot of offers here at Costco. You will be asked to survey different products, which will give you a lot of google play credits, and then you can convert them into free fire diamonds.

Bananatic for Free Fire Diamond

At Bananatic, you will get a chance to play hundreds of online games and can win prizes in the form of Google Play credits, even items like cd keys for games, steam wallet, and Amazon credits. You can surely use these credits to buy Free Fire Diamonds. and hence can know how to hack Free Fire Diamonds.


Another way to convert Google Play credits and hack free fire diamonds is by giving your opinion on the GrindaBuck app. Grindabuck is basically a market research platform that will reward you in terms of various gift cards, Google Play store credits, and even in the form of cryptocurrency also.

All you have to give your opinion, to earn credit, and then you can convert these into free fire diamonds.

Survey Junkie

This is one of the best and most high-paying app. Here you will find lots and lots of surveys that will help you in earning lots of gits cards, discount offers, and google play credits and finally get free fire diamonds. It has one of the largest communities among all the survey platforms.

People share their opinion in exchange for rewards here. Survey Junkie is the closest thing where you can earn lots of credits and can convert these into Free Fire Diamonds.

Upvoice to Hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999 Without Human Verification

Among all the platforms that e have mentioned here, Upvoice is also one of the greatest platforms for giving your opinion on various services and products. As per the official Upvoice firm, they considered themselves as a marketing research firm where companies ask opinions from customers, before making critical marketing decisions. Customers in terms will be awarded in the form of various credits those which they can convert and get free fire diamonds.

App Flame 

Rather than the survey platform, App Flame is more of a platform that will give you rewards in return for playing the game (or indirectly you can say in return for spending time on their app). You will be awarded in terms of many gift cards along with Google Play credits as well. Hence these credits can get you a lot of Free Fire Diamonds.

You can download these amazing survey and reward apps from the Google play store by either typing their name directly or can search for survey apps. These apps can earn you lots of Google Play credits and then you can convert those credits into free fire diamonds and hence can get free fire diamonds.

Free Apps to get diamonds :

Here is the list of the apps where you can get Google Play credits by playing games or clearing game stages. Once you successfully complete the stage,

  1. MistPlay
  2. AppNana – Free Gift Cards
  3. Swagbucks
  4. AppKarma Rewards & Gift Cards
  5. Fetch Rewards
  6. Luckstastic
  7. FeaturePoints
  8. GrabPoints
  9. FreeMyApps
  10. JunoWallet
  11. InstaGC
  12. PrizeRebel
  13. Bananatic
  14. Tap Cash Rewards
  15. Gift Card Granny
  16. Google Chromecast
  17. Samsung Rewards
  18. Google Local Guide
  19. Discounted Gift Cards
  20. D Gamer
  21. Lucky Spin FF Diamond
  22. Royal pass
  23. Mcash
  24. Joy Wallet
  25. Sports Guru pro

With these apps, you can earn huge amounts of google play credits and hence can convert these google play credits into free Fire Diamonds on redeem reward centres of the free fire game official website.

Diamond Convertor apps

Here are a few apps that may come in handy. These apps claim to provide you with unlimited diamonds or close to 99999. You are advised to research on your own research before doing that, as we have not found much success with these apps in order to get free-fire diamonds. Here are the name of these apps, you can search on the play store to get to know these apps and can have firsthand experience.

Free Diamonds & Elite Pass Counter (Free Diamonds & Elite Pass  – Apps on Google Play)

Diamond Converter for FF (Diamond Converter for FF – Apps on Google Play)

Free Fire Diamond Hack 99 999 Download

Now let’s come to the last and final part of our post. Is there any direct way for players to download an app or apk To get Free Fire Diamonds? The answer to this question is “YES” There are ways for it; there are hack mode apk, which may let you play with 99999 free fire diamonds, but as soon as it would be noticed by free fire developers, there is a great chance that you would be banned from playing further in free fire game.

Also, we personally don’t find it correct, not only is this wrong ethically but it can also hamper your privacy as it can cause your data to be hacked by hackers. This may even lead to personal and financial damage. So choose for yourself if you still really want to download and install really wants to install Free fire diamond hack mod APK and really want to know How To get lots of Free Fire Diamonds? You can choose any of the following three options.


We at coolguts.com never support any type of piracy or methods which are not legitimate. We warn our readers to look carefully before making any decision regarding downloading or moving to such any webs links. The information mentioned here is for educational purposes only and we at coolguts.com are not liable for any loss to you what so may ever.

Here is the link to a few of the website

With these, You can get unlimited benefits while playing Free Fire Game.

FAQs related to Hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999

In this section, we will try to answer our users’ questions regarding the hacking of free-fire diamonds.

Is there any way to get Free Fire Diamonds?

Yes, there are a few shortcuts like earning from various reward apps, the redeem codes option is also there. We have even shared links to the Free Fire mod apk in the post here. The ways and mean that have been explained in detail here in our post, will be helpful for you to get lots of Free Fire Diamonds.

With the methods that we have mentioned here in our post, you will be able to get lots of Free Fire diamonds free. Please read the methods describe here in our post for a better understanding of these methods.

The downloadable app link for the free fire hack is also given above in the post.

Is there any get or get Free Fire Diamonds without human verification?

We have received complaints from many users regarding impossible methods; all of the methods required manual or human interventions for verification to get Free Fire diamonds. We can assure you that the methods that we have mentioned here are mostly without human verification. If you would have read the post carefully, you would have got the link for a few of such methods.

What is free fire max diamond hack 99999?

The free Fire max method has been explained in detail. Please read the post above to get to know more about it.

The best of the Free Fire hack has been explained in the post. How can hack get Free Fire diamonds using various methods those have been explained in detail here in this post.

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Update 1: 

Airdrop Hack Method

Go to the Offer section of your game. Look for the offer section of your game. Be ready to spend Rs 10 or Rs 29 on these Airdrops. Here you can find some bundled prizes like guns, skins, diamonds, etc.

Hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999

Not all players will get this airdrop offer though. These offers are exclusively available for fresh players. Developers are also very smart and want the new players to always engage in the game. Hence offer like 300 diamonds, or some special guns, etc are available with these airdrops, limited to new players. So there is a trick to it. If you follow the following steps you can get the Rs 10 or Rs 29 Airdrop.

  1.  You need to make a fresh start to get the airdrop offer. Your account can’t have any transaction made to avail of this offer.
  2. Therefore you need to log out from your Free Fire account.
  3. Now Create a new account using Google ID or FB Id whatever you prefer.
  4. Play at least 20 clash squad matches.
  5. During the game, you will be given a chance to buy Rs 10 or Rs 29 airdrops.
  6. On average 2-3 times the same offer is available.
  7. After availing of this offer 2-3 times. you can accumulate 1000 free fire diamonds.
  8. Now shift all diamonds into your primary id.

With this, we are concluding our post for today on Hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999. We are confident that if you follow the methods that we have described here in our post, you will be able to get free fire diamonds in a large quantity and would be able to play free fire games with amazing weapons, suits, medical kits, and beautiful and powerful avatars.

We are here to answer your queries, please write to us directly or through the comment box. Please don’t forget to bookmark us for such amazing posts in the future also, till then keep on doing wonders.

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